Bike Fitting

Bicycle measurements

Stay comfortable with a custom bike fitting

Don’t let an improperly sized bike cause you discomfort on trips. Let Alpine Cycle Fit help end the pain and discomfort!

Stop the pain!

Bike Fitting with AndyIs your bike making you ache?

Put a stop to discomfort caused by cycling in an unnatural position. By getting a proper fitting, each part of the bike and you will be carefully analyzed so you and your bike will be in harmony! With our proven system, it is assured you will ride comfortably and efficiently to meet your specific bicycling demands.

Make your cycling a little easier with a fitted bike!

Fittings and coaching service can be done on or off site.


Put a Stop to Discomfort!

Bicycle measurementsHere’s what we need to get started

  • Make an appointment
  • Frame size
  • Handlebar size
  • Saddle position
  • Stem and length angle
  • Crank length
  • Gearing
  • And much more!